Meet Lindsey

Lindsey grew up playing every sport offered, she has several years of competitive martial arts experience, a brown belt in Kenpo, and she is a recent college graduate with a degree in Psychology. Lindsey is a Level 1 CrossFit Certified Trainer and plans to get her nutrition coaching certification very soon! Lindsey also loves to get outside to go for walks and enjoy her fitness outside of the gym. Aside from this, she is also a competitive CrossFit athlete with aspirations to make it to a CrossFit Semifinal. More often than not, you can find Lindsey training CrossFit when she isn’t coaching! CrossFit is much more than just a sport to Lindsey, though. She says that it has taught her how to work hard, it has taught her how to show up for herself, it has brought her some of her greatest friends, and it has made her a happier and healthier individual as a whole. As your coach, Lindsey wants to make a promise to you that she will strive to make your CrossFit experience as life-changing as hers has been.